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About Me

Ashley Reid, ABCDT


Hi there! I am a certified dog trainer through Animal Behaviour College and have been training dogs for over 18 years now. Growing up I had always had a huge passion for animals, especially dogs. I have always been fascinated by their behaviour and ways of communication. My training initially began when I had got my first puppy, a German Shepherd named Tess. Throughout the 13 years with Tess, I had taught her many things, while still keeping my leadership role with her. Tess and I had a very special relationship, we both understood each other and even though she was a family dog, because of the time I had spent with her, she became my heart dog. 


My education, training and experiences as a trainer include working as an assistant trainer for many years for a professional trainer of 20 years, working with another trainer as part of my one year apprenticeship through college, training and rehabbing family and friends dogs, running different types of group obedience classes, going to my clients homes to do training and behavioural modification, rehabbing and working with foster dogs and volunteering at a variety of animal rescues. I am familiar with large variety of training methods and when I am working with a dog, I assess each dog individually use the method the the dog best responds to. My main goal is to help each dog owner build the proper bond with their dog in a fun, positive and respectful way.


I graduated with honours from Animal Behaviour College as a certified professional dog trainer and behaviourist in 2009, and I continue to remain current with the advances in behavior and training. I have attended different training seminars by Cesar Milan, Brad Pattison, and one at Best Friends Animal sanctury with a variety of trainers, and hope to attend more in my future. I am always keeping up to date with new methods and techniques, and maintain my membership with a professional dog training organization.


In 2011 I had the amazing experience of visiting and volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary (Dogtown) in Utah, where I also had the opportunity to meet, work and train with some of their amazing staff, trainers and dogs (including some of the Michael Vick case dogs). Not only did I get to meet so many amazing like-minded people, but I also got to use and develop my skills with a variety of different types of dogs.


During the past 18+ years of training, I have been able to work with many different types of dogs and puppies of all shapes and sizes, with all different temperaments and behavioural issues. I am comfortable with any breed or mix of dog, and feel all dogs deserve the chance to get professional training.


With every dog that comes into my life, I find myself continuing to grow as a trainer and behaviourist. I am very passionate about what I do, and the dogs are always in my best interest. I am always eager to work with new people and their dogs, so please do not hesitate to contact me!


Tess - My childhood dog and the dog who stole my heart! She was the one who started it all and whom I named my business after. We shared 13 years together.

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