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Satisfied Dog Parents. Happier Dogs.

Helping you, help your dogs.

I’ve been working in the professional dog training community since 2009. There are few things as rewarding as the relationship between a dog and their family, the health and development of which is the focus of my work. Read on to see how previous clients have found my methods educational, fun and successful.

My sessions with Ashley have made a big difference in my daily life with our dog, Logan. With Ashley's help, I achieved my goal of living harmoniously with Logan, plus experiencing more pleasure walking him. Logan is a boxer/ bull mastiff mix and quite a handsome, powerful, mischievous character. I chose private lessons with Ashley as I was at my wit's end. 

I had previously attended a seven week group puppy training class with another dog trainer that was frustrating for both Logan and I. We didn't progress very far as I couldn't control Logan. But I wasn't ready to give up. Logan came into my home unexpectedly and I was determined to try to learn how to handle him. 

Right from the start Ashley asked the right questions and listened to my issues and needs. She cared about us and that came through in her helpful comments and suggestions. Her approach to provide training sessions in our yard, in our house and walking on our neighbourhood streets was just what we needed. Ashley worked closely with us and every session yielded immediate improvements. Of course, the most important change was with me. I had an underlying fear of large dogs and that likely contributed to me not behaving in an assertive manner with Logan. I also didn't know what to do since the techniques from the puppy class failed to help me get Logan to listen to me. 

The sessions with Ashley, increased my confidence and helped me to gain Logan's respect as she showed me appropriate methods to stop his jumping, mouthing and pulling behaviours. Through the training sessions, I realized that as I gained confidence and relaxed, I also showed more affection towards Logan. I actually had a woman cross St Anne's Rd to see Logan and comment on how much love she could see between us as we walked. Of course life with Logan or with anyone, human or animal, is not perfect every day, but I now feel relaxed and happy to have Logan as part of the family.

I'll get a picture to you soon,
Janet C. and Logan

Janet C. & Logan

Our family got our first dog, a Golden Retriever, last summer. It was a steep learning curve as Bailey was only 8 weeks old when we got her and she has a very dominant nature. We didn’t realize how much training was involved to get our puppy to be a polite and well-behaved dog that everyone enjoys being around. Many times we were exasperated and frustrated. We knew we needed help and so we hired Ashley Reid as our trainer. She came highly recommended, and didn’t let us down. The idea of having a trainer come to our house and go on walks with us and work with Bailey in the yard and all the places we normally took her was much preferred to an obedience class in some building elsewhere. Bailey behaved quite well indoors but got over-excited outdoors and on walks and was difficult to handle so it was useful to actually work with her outdoors when needed. It was also great that our children could participate in some of the sessions so we could all be doing the same things with Bailey, as consistency is key. Ashley worked with us on whatever we told her the main problem of the moment was. She followed up each training session with a detailed e-mail about things to work on (homework) until our next session. We posted these on our frig so the entire family knew what to do with Bailey. Ashley is extremely knowledgeable about all types of dogs, very patient and a good listener. She is passionate and caring about dogs and about helping owners understand and enjoy their dogs more than they already do. Her techniques were simple and easy to implement since we were more than willing to put in the time required. After only four sessions virtually all the difficult behaviours and problems we were experiencing with Bailey were solved, or at least we knew exactly what to do if they were to crop up again. We are extremely glad we hired Ashley to help us to train our dog and you will be too.
Darlene & Don and Bailey

Darlene, Don & Bailey

Ashley is a wonderful dog training teacher, her positive reinforcement training worked wonderfully for the dogs and owners. She gave all of us great tips that worked well with all of our different dog personalities . I really appreciated Ashley's willingness to help after class with some issue that we had with our dog .
Thanks Ashley for everything .

Kim & Izzy

Kim & Izzy

When our family was lucky enough to get away for a vacation, Ashley took our dog Karma in for 18 days for us! Karma had a blast and even learned some better manners (she was still about a year and crazy then). It was delightful to get updates and pictures of playtimes, I felt like she treated Karma like she was her own and appreciated that very much. If I were lucky enough to go away again this would be my first choice for my dogs. :) -- Michelle C and Karma

Michelle C. & Karma

I have gone through Ashley's basic, advanced and tricks obedience classes numerous of times with my own dogs and it was great! I have also taken foster dogs to Ashley's classes as well. It's great that she has an open mind to training and will come up with a training technique that will work for your dog. Ashley has also helped me with dog behaviour issues as well. She is an awesome trainer and I recommend her to everyone.

Chandra, Syd, TeeJay, Dya

We have enrolled several of our rescue dogs in classes offered by Tess's Dog Training and have been been very happy with the classes. Ashley paid close attention to all the dogs and handlers in the class and offered individual attention to everyone, including followup conversations and advice afterwards. We have also recommended Tess's Dog Training to adopters and others and have heard very positive feedback. We would highly recommend Tess's Dog Training!


Barb Nemshon

Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue Inc.

Barb N. - MB All Shepherd Rescue

Thanks to Ashley's patience in helping us train Lily's stubborn personality, we have less of a bully & more of a well knowledged dog as far as behaviors & tricks! Ashley's one on one training has helped Lily turn into a better walker. We know that with further practice, following her recommendations, Lily will be the calm & well behaved puppy we know she was born to be!  -- Melissa, Johnny & Lily

Melissa, Johnny & Lily

I have found out that during a lifetime a person is so very lucky to find one person that makes a difference I am so happy that you are one of them. Thank you so much for making that difference in ours. Take care and I am going to recommend you very highly because you are the greatest! -- Carol and Brandy

Carol & Brandy

Ashley, you are an amazing trainer! Cooper learned so much under your patient guidance! Your style and approach were just what we needed. Thank you so much for all your help and for making yourself available for questions and advice at all times.

Denise & Cooper

I met Ashley a few years ago when we were looking for someone to teach obedience classes at our doggy daycare in the evenings. She started up and it’s gone great over the past few years! The feedback we hear from our clients who have taken class is all positive. I have taken class with my brothers dog Jimmy and we both loved it. I have also taken all three levels of classes with my new pup Georgia Peach. The thing I personally appreciate most about Ashley is that she assesses each dog individually and does what works best for THAT dog and is not in the mindset that one way of training works for all dogs. She is knowledgeable in dog behavior and I have gone to her for advice regarding fear aggression issues to help me deal with my boxer, Jersey. Ashley is also very involved in rescue and works to help a lot of foster dogs! We recommend Ashley to all our clients seeking assistance with their pups!


Co-Owner, Pooches Playhouse

Meghan B. & Jersey, Jimmy, Georgia

We had so much fun!! We would LOVE to come again!! <3 You can really teach your dog "new tricks". Thanks so much Tess's Dog Training!!! <3 -- Roberta Woods and Chevy

Roberta & Chevy

Got a beautiful card and gifts from Shirley Murray who has taken many classes with her dogs Keeper and Dikens.

This is what the card says:

Congratulations!... on being the best trainer (our mom is a slow learner!)

- Sensitive to owner/dog relationship /actions/reactions 
-Keeps training simple, practical, easy going yet specific
-Light hearted, positive atmosphere 
-Non judgemental, firm
-Asks for honest feedback
-Teaches techniques with variations as suited to each dog
-Highlights good in each dog
-Quickly attuned to individual needs
-Creative improvisions for individual problems or road blocks
-Always offers solution tip for training

Great sense of humour, insightful, patient and confident.

Thank you Ashley! You're a real professional!

Shirley M. & Keeper & Dikens

I have taken multiple classes with my bull-headed boy, Brutus. Before Ashley's classes, it was next to impossible to walk with Brutus as he is a large boy determined to get what he wants. I had seen another trainer before the recommendation to come see Ashley and it was a nightmare and left me feeling discouraged. Ashley takes the time to get to know all her doggy clients and makes sure there is always Plan A, B & C if needed in order to get results. Brutus and his mom thank you!

Lisa & Brutus

I live a busy lifestyle and was looking for a trainer who fit into my motto of keeping things simple. Ashley did just that. Not only did she help Kyle become a better canine citizen, but she gave me a plan that was very doable for my lifestyle. We will hire Ashley again if needed and will continue to recommend her. Thanks Ashley. - Keegan and the terrier Kyle

Keegan & Kyle

Kiki is my 110lb mastiff mix who my wife decided to bring home one day. Not having prior dog knowledge, we realized pretty quickly we had no idea what we had got ourselves into. Kiki was taking over our house, and our lives. We were researching trainers and came across Ashley's page, we never looked back. We decided to start with a few private sessions to help us get comfortable handling Kiki, then Ashley helped get us to the point where Kiki could attend classes to help socialize and further her education. Kiki no longer rules us and our friends and family have enjoyed coming to visit us now. Thanks Ashley!

Rob & Kiki

We love taking classes with Ashley! Tink is my little fur baby of no more than 10lbs. She had the biggest attitude and hated other dogs and some people. Once Ashley addressed the fact that I had been spoiling Tink and it was a large part of the reason why Tink was out of control, I knew we had to change. Ashley got us on a game plan to work on not only just Tink, but myself also. We had 4 sessions of the course of a year and Tink went from Sassy to Sweet. We will continue to recommend Ashley to everyone. Thanks for your help Ashley!

Skyla & Tink

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